Tecnologia, HelloWorld() e muito++ ✌

I’m not an Analyst.

Today I conclude another stage of my professional and personal journey, where I had the last class of the Strategic People Management MBA course at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, with the aim of becoming a better professional, with a broad vision and prepared for the scenario of Digital Transformation, where the most important is not the technology, but the People behind it. As usual during most stages of my life’s conclusion, it’s time for a reflection “by Nico”. 😉

After listening so much, debating, understanding and dismembering the most different subjects related to People, facing different perspectives and worldviews, and alongside colleagues and teachers, each one more awesome than the other, today I understand Strategic People Management as a theme that should not be present only in the lives of managers and HR professionals, nor only in corporate scenarios, but of huge importance in each small frame of our infinite and daily Human Relations. We manage People when we work as a team, when we hold meetings, when we debate issues, when we understand differences and diversities, and even when we know ourselves.

  • Managing People is dealing with adverse situations all the time, in which not always (almost never) 1 + 1 will be equal to 2.
  • Managing People is to understand that everyone with whom we interact (colleagues, co-workers, service providers, customers, etc.) is not only there to deliver or perform functions, but because of the most different pillars of motivation, be they through the search for a goal, an objective, a desire, a purpose, or even out of necessity. Each one has a history, a trajectory, experiences, beliefs and values.
  • Managing People means recognizing that not only companies should have Vision, Mission, Values and Purposes, and that it is useless to have all of this on paper, if it is not interpreted, managed and carried out by People.
  • Managing People means recognizing that we do not “are” the functions we are doing at moment, but we “stay” at this. Despite what my Linkedin may say, I am not a Senior Systems Analyst, I am not a Business Intelligence Analyst, nor am I a Software Developer. Yes, I perform these roles every day, in the best possible way and within the conditions I have (while I do not have the conditions to do even better, would the professor Mario Cortella to say).

I am in fact a Human, with the most varied defects and imperfections, as well as the many who are beside us, who make the wheel spin, in different rhythms, frequencies and speeds, and this role nobody takes from anyone. 😉

The future has arrived and it’s been a while, where with each passing day, more and more processes are digitized and automated, through the most incredible technological adventures such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, and many others, in a World that, unfortunately, is still very scarce by People and Humanity.

Let us all to be incredible, motivated, high performance and extremely competent professionals, but without forgetting the main role we play: be Human.

I want to thank everyone who is or has been part of my daily live, my personal and professional trajectory, especially at this time to each one of the colleagues and teachers who contributed to this stage. I hope to have impacted the lives of each one of you at some point, in some way, even succinctly, just as I was by everyone during this great experience.

My thanks and see you! 😃


Nícolas Estevan Padovani MartinsBI System Analyst, Computer Engineer & Developer
"Networking não é sobre quantas conexões você tem, mas o o quanto você realmente está conectado a elas. - Vamos aprender, vamos compartilhar."

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